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Joining IdWARN

Why Should My Public Utility Join IdWARN?

A single agreement provides access to all member utilities statewide.

Access to specialized resources is enhanced.

Increased planning and coordination become available.

Arrival of aid is expedited.

IdWARN is consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Administrative conflict is reduced.

An agreement is provided containing indemnification and workers' compensation provisions to protect participating utilities. Provisions for cost reimbursement are also included.

A list of emergency contacts and available resources is provided.

Response to any incident is voluntary.

Probability of quick recovery increases.

IdWARN members have access to the Idaho State web-based emergency operations center to enhance communication, situational awareness, and response from regional supporters.

How to Join IdWARN

To become a member of IdWARN, you'll need to download, print, complete, and sign the Mutual Aid Agreement.

Once the agreement is completed and signed, you can submit it to IdWARN in one of the following ways:

  1. Scan and email the agreement to:

  2. Fax the agreement to: (208) 343-1866

  3. Mail the agreement to: 6395 W. Gowen Rd, Boise, ID 83709

For more information on IdWARN membership, please call (208) 343-7001, or (855) 245-9250 (toll-free).

About Mutual Aid & Assistance Programs


Idaho disasters such as the 1983 Challis earthquake and the 1976 Teton Dam flood, along with events such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, have highlighted the need for water and wastewater utilities to create intrastate mutual aid and assistance programs. Mutual aid programs are critical to utility systems for many reasons:

Utilities require specialized resources to sustain operations during disasters.

Government response agencies and critical infrastructure rely on water supplies.

Utilities must provide their own support until state and federal resources become available.

Large events impact regional areas, making assistance from nearby utilities impractical.

Disasters impact utility employees and their families, as well as customers.

Agreements must be established before disasters occur to be eligible for federal reimbursement.

Promotion of mutual aid and assistance meets Office of Energy Management requirements.

Small water and wastewater utilities often do not have a large inventory of emergency response equipment. Through IdWARN you can have access to equipment from larger communities when you need it.

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